Mrs. Manqing Jiang

  • Manager of I’m a Musician, a music school at BISS Sentrum
  • CEO of MQ.Jiang Piano Studio
  • Piano, music theory
  • Venues: BISS Gausel, BISS Sentrum, Stavanger Sentrum

Manqing started playing the piano at the age of four. She has a masters degree in classical piano performance and have been teaching piano for many years. 

The focus in her classes are posture, technique, musical receptivity and music theory, adjusted to each students abilities and needs. She is patient, joyful, enthusiastic and encouraging in her teaching. Manqing builds on her students strengths, which is a very strong motivator for progress. She loves to discover the students true potential and let them enjoy their musical journey. With diligent and thorough practice as well, the results can be phenomenal.

“I believe that with the right teaching methods the students will be motivated and confident in learning to play the piano.”


Ms. Izabela Lovišková

Izabela is a mezzo-soprano from Slovakia. She has a Master degree in opera singing from the University of Stavanger. Together with her elder sister Laura, they have an impressing list of professional experiences behind them, like solo performances, participated in many ensembles, collaborated with many other artists, established festival Hvalur in Bratislava, and is now a member of the wind quintet “Polaris 5”.

With her long record of instructions from many international reowned musicians, Izabela is ready to bring the joy of singing to the next generation.

Mr. Paul-Erik Söderqvist

Paul-Erik is a guitarist and composer from Finland, and in addition to having over a decade of teaching experience he has performed actively in Finland and Norway, also visiting to play concerts in South-Korea. He has a master’s degree in classical guitar performance from the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, and a bachelor’s degree in classical guitar and pedagogy from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki. 

While coming from a strictly classical background, Paul-Erik is at home with a wide variety of musical styles, and has experience in teaching electric guitar and bass as well. His teaching philosophy is based on uncovering the student’s own motivation and passing on the best possible tools to master the instrument and to understand the language of music both through theory and expression.

Dawid Zmuda

Dawid is a Polish born guitarist, piano player, composer, producer and teacher.
At the age of ten he started taking private piano lessons for 5 continuous years. Within that
time he has realized that music has become a major thing in his life. At the age of 15 Dawid
decided to intensively study jazz guitar with his teacher from Music Academy in Katowice.
Alongside with the guitar he also attended lessons with jazz pianist Dorota Zaziablo to keep
on developing his skills as a pianist.
At the age of 21 he moved to the United Kingdom and spent there 9 years playing in various
bands, hosting jam sessions, teaching, producing and writing music. After spending some
time in Milton Keynes, Dawid moved to London to explore the world of music more
thoroughly. He played at some of the finest London’s venues like: ‘Silver Bullet’, ‘Ronnie
Scott’s’, ‘Troy Bar’ and more. Besides gigging he also taught guitars, piano and music
production throughout his stay in the UK.
In 2019 Dawid went on 6 months contract to Central African Republic to teach guitars and
bass where one of his brightest guitar students in 2021 was granted scholarship to Berklee
School of Music in Boston. Besides teaching Dawid also produced the album for ‘African
Music School’.
Dawid specialize mainly in jazz, improvisational and popular music, although classical music
and other musical genres are no stranger to him. He is extremely patient, and has individual
approach to every student which helps them meet their goals.
These days Dawid keep on developing his music language by working on his guitar and
bass skills as well as composing and producing music. He loves teaching and helping his
students to grow as a musician, expand their creativity and keep them motivated.

Ms. Gabriella Papp

Gabriella is from Hungary and have been learning the violin since the age of 6, and have finished her violin Masters degree at the University of Stavanger. She have also played in several youth and professional orchestras.

She really like teaching violin and think it’s important to learn about music already in an early age, learn about how to develop skills and creativity through music.

Ms. Laura Lovišková

Laura is a flutist from Slovakia, have finished her Masters degree in flute performance and is now studying PDM program at the University of Stavanger. Together with her younger sister Izabela, they have an impressing list of professional experiences behind them, like solo performances, participated in many ensembles, collaborated with many other artists, established festival Hvalur in Bratislava, and is now a member of the wind quintet “Polaris 5”.

She is looking forward to teach other children the way of the flute, to inspire and help them to achieve their dreams.

Ms. Iida-Alina Poijärvi

Iida-Alina is a cellist and pedagogue from Finland. She studied in the Helsinki Conservatory and Turku Arts Academy, and has a Bachelor’s degree in music with specialization in pedagogy. She’s experienced in teaching both cello and music theory for students of wide range and different levels. She has a Master’s degree in music performance at the University of Stavanger, and is now working as a group leader of the cello and double bass in Jæren Symfoniorkester and performing in various projects, for example in concert series of Duo Joseida.

Iida-Alina is also educated as a practical nurse, that has given her deep understanding about communication with different people, and that she benefits from as a teacher too.
Iida-Alina’s main goal as a teacher is to inspire and encourage her students to find their creativity and give them solid musical and technical tools for expressing themselves through the instrument. She meets all her students as individuals with individual needs and strengths, and she enjoys sharing the joy of learning at every lesson.