Duration and prices:

30 MINUTES – 340 NOK PER lessoN
45 MINUTES – 470 NOK PER lessoN
60 MINUTES – 620 nok PER lessoN

 As we encourage long term commitment for the good of both the student and the teacher, we offer semester prices at a discount.


– SPRING SEMESTER (19-22 lessons)
30 MINUTES: 320 NOK PER lesson
45 MINUTES: 450 nok per lesson
60 MINUTES: 600 nok per lesson

I’M A MUSICIAN reserve the right to adjust the tuition fee between the semesters. Each semester follows the schools calendar. 

By signing up for a semester deal, the student will reserve the agreed slot for the entire semester.


I’M A MUSICIAN leases certain instruments in the beginning phase of instrumental teaching. The price is from 600 NOK per semester depending which instrument that will be rented.

The instrument is rented one semester at a time, there is no discount and instrument rent is non-refundable.
It is possible to apply to rent instrument beyond the agreed lease term, but then with extended rental rates.
The student is fully responsible for the instrument during the rental period, including liability for any damage that may occur.
I’M A MUSICIAN does not have its own instrument insurance.

Repairs to the I’M A MUSICIAN’s instruments should only be performed by a skilled instrument repairer.
Contact I’M A MUSICIAN to be referred to an authorized repairer.
Should the instrument be lost, the instrument must be replaced by the student.
The student shall himself keep consumables such as: tube, resin, strings etc.
The student is also responsible for regular maintenance.

All strings students should always have an extra set of strings in the instrument box. This also applies to students with private instruments.

When the student ends or switches to a private instrument, the rental instrument must be delivered to the school immediately, within 7 days.

Please contact us for information about prices on other services not listed here.